Deggael Communications is a publishing house destined to excavate and procure sophisticated vanities for a modern day pop occultist - be it arcane tomes of Goetia, God damned rock'n'roll or obscure square dances. The kind of stuff you'll weep over in ten years time. Or us.

The first Deggael Communication, Zombie Love - Vampires, Ghosts & The 69 Eyes, was sold out in few weeks. Second, softcover pressing is now available.

Dec 23, 2013:
Sleep of Monsters:
Produces Reason []

June 12, 2009:
Complete recordings []

Sept 02, 2008:
Nightwish gets US release []

Jan 16, 2008:
Nightwish to 2nd printing []

April 21, 2007:
Nightwish book in stock! []